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KFC Double Down Taste Test…LIVE!

Let’s do this thing!


Watch the horror as I eat one of those Double Down abominations…LIVE!

VinceNotVance vs. KFC Double Down Sandwich- This Time, It’s Personal!

In an effort to get more involved with my fellow…users, as well as a way to show my friends that aren’t here with me in college how little I’ve changed, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a LIVE TASTE TEST of the KFC Double Down Sandwich.

What is the Double Down? Check this post out! This is actually the inspiration for this dumb idea- Good job Bombers for talking about dumb stuff like this :p  One last link*: Here’s the Ustream where I’ll be broadcasting from. I’m thinking sometime between 5 & 7pm PST on Friday,April 16th I’ll be doing it.

Let’s try to change this to a decently active discussion, shall we? What’s the most ridiculous food item you’ve ever eaten and most importantly, do you regret it?

(* OK, one last, LAST link. You should probably NOT check out VanceNotVince on Twitter, but he might have a few words to say about this ordeal.)

Video Games are a Guy’s Best Friend

I’ve always found it funny that I’m a decently active member of a popular video game forum, yet I rarely play any current, “new” games. I’m usually months behind of what everyone else is playing (curse you stupid backlog of clearanced games!). But it shouldn’t matter how new the games you’re playing are, as long as your playing them, right?

During the break, I finally, finally, FINALLY finished the first Bioshock. Loved it, although I felt that it was getting a bit long in the tooth by the end of my run. What felt scary, intense and fresh during the first few hours got a bit stale and predictable during the final hours of the game. Still, the story is fantastic, and while I always had an inkling that “Would you kindly” would come into play, I still found myself shocked, even a bit shaken, after that infamous twist was revealed. I feel that it’s a game that everyone should at very least experiences- it’s one of the best games of this generation, easily, but only if you’re in it for the storytelling, as the gunplay leaves much to be desired. Ironically I hear that Bioshock 2 fixes a lot of the technical faults of the first game at the expense of the story, but I’m still very much eager to check that out, after I finish…

Brutal Legend. Man, this game is pretty damn flawed. Navigating through the open world is often a chore, the combat is unspectacular (although serviceable) and even though I’ve put many hours in the RTS/multiplayer, I still fumble around with the controls more than I want to. In spite of this, I still really like this game. It has a wicked entertaining premise and killer soundtrack, not to mention that it’s one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. Much like Bioshock, it’s the storytelling and atmosphere that keeps me coming back, not the gameplay itself. I know that this isn’t one of the best games out there, nor has it fulfilled its potential, but I can see myself becoming very attached to Eddie’s adventure, even after I finish the main story.

Other than that, I really haven’t played anything else. Game Room is pretty retarded, not gonna lie, although I’ve discovered that Shao-Lin’s Road is the bee’s knees (GUTS!). Garou: Mark of the Wolves on XBLA is an amazing 2D fighter (and my favorite SNK fighter), but it’s a shame that the online is so sparse and borked. That’s about it however; I’m just biding my time until UFC Undisputed 2010 and Super Street Fighter IV hit shelves.

So what have you been playing? Has Mass Effect 2 or Final Fantasy XIII sucked up your time? Is God of War III as derivative as I hear it is? Let me know!


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